The Las Vegas Record Lab is designed so everyone has an excellent studio experience.  Our award winning team awaits to help you. 

The Famous Record Wall along with the record ceilings reflect the years of experience  garnered by working with majors labels, all star artists and their producers since the 80s or in platinum studios with some of the biggest stars and producers of today.   Las Vegas Record Lab and our team has won multiple awards and has had multiple songs break the top 40 on the charts

Studio times can be reserved for simple to complex projects.  Whether you want to develop your original song idea or record on a favorite tunes this is the place!


The Las Vegas Record Lab is owned by a father-son duo:  

Stephentodd Tracy is a  Producer/ Engineer who started his training at BYU.  Since leaving school he has worked in platinum recording studios with celebrity producers and artists picking up invaluable knowledge and received awards as a singer songwriter and producer.  

Steve Tracy is a long time studio hound working in recording, photo, and video studios  with all star performers and producers since the 1980s.  Rubbing shoulders with producers that have launched all time mega stars brings a wealth of talent into the studio today.  

Contact us today to review your project and schedule your time.