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The Ultimate Gift

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$500.00 Save 20.0%!

Give a Las Vegas Record Lab Experiences as a gift! You'll not only make timeless memories, but also save 20%! Customers can buy up to 2 at this rate. Record Your Favorite Song in Studio, Release it world wide, Custom CD highlighting you.

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Original Songs!

From idea to worldwide release

Wanna Create the next hit song?

Have a song idea?

We want to work with you! 

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Record Lab Experience!

A bucket lit experience!

Be the vocalist on your favorite song. 

Wow your friends and social media followers.


Career, Music, Concert Promotion/Development!

Social Media Masters can elevate your  concert, song, and career. In the business or aspiring to a career in music?  We've been there, done that...

Our award winning team will show you the way




Las Vegas Record Lab is a studio home for musicians, songwriters, singers, and music lovers.  Creativity flows and inspiration is king. Pros or first time all are welcome!


We can help promote you, your song, band, and next performance. 

Live interviews can stir interest and gain followers.  Lean on our expertise and followers to help build yours. 

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